Why I Work in Financial Crime Prevention

Darrnell Chotkan Why I Work in Financial Crime Prevention
The story of a future financial crime specialist

Finding purpose

One of the beliefs I share with most of my generation is that the job I fulfill has to have a purpose. I need to work in a position where – even if minor – I can contribute to making the world a better place.

As a marketing management graduate, I found it challenging to find an organization to work for, whose primary purpose was improving society, rather than making a profit. I found it to be a challenge, but not impossible. A few months ago, I overcame that challenge.

My name is Darrnell Chotkan, Product Marketeer at BusinessForensics. This is my story about why I work at BusinessForensics.

BusinessForensics and I

The first time I heard about BusinessForensics, was in a casual and informal setting. A dear friend of mine was telling me about how the company where she worked was looking into the field of marketing. She shared this information as a response to my telling a story about how I am looking for a company to feature for my thesis. Her stories sounded promising, so we decided to let her set up a meeting between the CEO of BusinessForensics, Tames Rietdijk, and me.

As you can imagine the world of financial crime prevention was unknown to me. I had never given this topic any thought. The more I read about the industry, the more excited I got to dive deeper into it. When I sat down with Tames, he blew me away with stories about the industry, the company, and the product. I was sold. “For my thesis I am going to write an advisory report with which BusinessForensics could develop its company, its identity, and its image”.

I found myself entering a unique environment – learning about BusinessForensics as they prepared to launch of one of their largest customers. For months, the ambiance at the BusinessForensics office was hectic, tense, and even a bit chaotic – yet, it felt enormously energizing, adventurous, and inspiring. Observing the BusinessForensics team during this period was like watching an exciting TV crime show. The more time passed, the more I started to learn and understand the industry in which they operated, including how their solution worked.

A crucial part of my thesis was interviewing customers, partners, and employees about their view on BusinessForensics and its ForensicCloud solution. At one point, something a BusinessForensics employee said changed my whole perspective on this industry, the company, and the product – I will never forget it. We were talking about how she came to work for the company, and why she does what she does. She said: “I am part of a group of people who builds a product that helps with warding off and catching bad guys.”

That sentence. It made so much sense to me. It gave me a greater understanding of the people working for BusinessForensics, and their way of working. It provided me the insight to write my final advisory report for the company. In a way, it helped me graduate the way I did.

Socially and financially involved

Fast forward a few months. I took some time to figure out what I wanted to do. I was faced with the question of how and where I wanted to start my career. My key requirement still was that I wanted to have a positive influence on society. After some soul searching, I concluded that I want to focus on the finance industry.

Within the financial industry, I felt like I could head in multiple directions. ‘Should I return to the exciting world of financial crime prevention, or should I indulge myself in the world of pensions, or even mortgages?´ The last two because they are undoubtedly two of the most significant and complicated financial products people will have, and need help with – help which I could possibly provide. Having already experienced a taste of the financial crime prevention industry, I chose the latter option and indulged myself in the world of pensions.

In a short amount of time, I got to experience the pension industry at a fast pace. The learning process was going smoothly, I had a job with some great colleagues, and I felt like I was helping people. But, something was bothering me…

With pensions it felt like you mostly keep looking at the past, and not so much forward. Old policies, a traditional system – working with this financial product was not for me. Two months in, I was already thinking about what my next steps would be.

I do not regret choosing to explore the pension industry, because now I know it is not one for me. it didn’t take a long time to realize I wanted to dive back and more deeply into the world of financial crime prevention. And so, that search began!

A light at the end of the tunnel

There was no shortage of job openings in financial crime prevention. Pages were filled with vacancies and traineeships for various positions. They were all so similar and different at the same time – I did not know where to start! Suddenly my phone rang. It was Tames, my thesis mentor at BusinessForensics. He wanted to drink a cup of coffee to catch up and let me know he might have something for me. Perhaps a bit empty-headed, I thought to myself: ‘That call could not come at a more perfect time. Maybe Tames could help my in my search?!’

We sat down and caught up with one another. And yet, again, the stories of Tames blew me away. He told me about what he did with the advisory report I wrote, about how it got him thinking and what recommendations he implemented.

While trying to keep a calm and cool face, I was filled with the feeling of intense excitement and pride. I will not forget how valued I felt that he did all that with my thesis!

Not able to contain the smile on my face, we continued talking about more exciting stuff. He told me about how the company was expanding and what plans he had for the future, including the implementation of a new marketing department. He let me know he wanted me to join the newly formed department. Without him being able to finish his story I blurt out: ‘I’ll do it!’

I absolutely wanted to join the most dedicated team I have experienced in my life. I most definitely wanted to work at a company that valued me and listened to me. And yes, I wanted to play my role in this industry. I decided to join BusinessForensics, where I could be part of the group of people who builds a product that helps ward off and catch bad guys.

A new beginning

And so, my journey in financial crime prevention began. Or, should I say, resumed? As the new Product Marketeer for BusinessForensics, I will focus on highlighting and communicating the strengths and capabilities of ForensicCloud to better serve our new and existing clients.

As time progresses and BusinessForensics grows, I will grow alongside the company. Learning new insights about our products, and the industry, every day. Insights, I cannot wait to share with you!

At BusinessForensics, we prevent financial crime. By doing so, we keep the financial system and society safe. This, I can proudly say.


Darrnell Chotkan

Darrnell is the product marketeer of BusinessForensics. Two notable dreams of his are seeing ForensicCloud being used worldwide and reaching his goal of being a specialist in the world of financial crime prevention.