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WEB-IQ and BusinessForensics

Product Integration Partner

BusinessForensics + Web-IQ

About the Partnership

BusinessForensics and Web-IQ now have an integration between Web-IQ’s IRIS and the ForensicCloud platform.

Web-IQ has a proven track record in developing OSINT solutions and automating forensic investigations for about a decade, servicing the world’s most prestigious and major institutions in the world of law enforcement and government intelligence to fight online child abuse, human trafficking and fraud in over 30 countries across the globe. Web-IQ develops leading OSINT solutions to make the world a better place.

Web-IQ applies their technology to support financial institutions in the field of fraud detection, risk intelligence and KYC/CDD — providing a secure API-solution that now integrates with the ForensicCloud platform. Together, the companies provide a next generation anti-fraud, risk and KYC solution that efficiently guide users on their risk and compliance journey.

Integration Use Cases

• Online Due Diligence
• KYC and customer on-boarding
• Anti-money laundering investigations
• Fraud detection


IRIS + ForensicCloud Integration

The integration of the Web-IQ IRIS product into the ForensicCloud platform enables users to improve and standardize internet search in customer screenings and investigations – increasing the quality of data and saving up to 80% on manual processing time.

And so, have a whole standardized end-to-end screening and investigate process in place, which ensures a minimum level of case quality – whilst being compliant with GDPR, and having the ability to provide a full audit trial.


IRIS is now available to all ForensicCloud customers. This includes a discounted rate for the first 30 days of your integration.


- Leading OSINT solutions from the world of law enforcement
- Gain real time intelligence from online media, social media, dark web and millions of web pages
- Transform the unstructured web into specific and actionable data for risk and compliance departments with a low false-positive rate
- Configurable to specific use-cases, requirements, and regions/languages
- GDPR compliant

Emilia Clarke
“Many financial institutions and corporations struggle with pressure from regulators, or already see the potential, to elevate their customer screenings with open source intelligence via internet. The internet is however a complex and ever-changing environment, which brings all sorts of challenges. We see therefore many institutions apply manual labor. This creates high costs and increases processing time, while with the right technology and expertise, this can be transformed into an opportunity to better detect fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing cheaper, faster, and with less false positives. By bringing our solution inside the KYC solution of BusinessForensics, customers can start today to see the value for themselves.”
Daniel Boelen, Business Development Director
Emilia Clarke
"Web-IQ's slogan is "Making the world a better place". BusinessForensics is fully behind that, as we aim to achieve the same, with our data driven solutions and technology. By combining our strenghts and technology, this partnership gets us one step closer to that goal. The partnership with Web-IQ and the integration of their IRIS platform is a great addition in our battle against financial crime!"
Robby Philips, Partner Manager