Client Risk Intelligence

Holistic, dynamic, and up-to-date integrity risk views for your clients.

ForensicCloud Solutions

All four modules combined

Client Risk Intelligence (CRI) identifies and aggregates all risk, while using our proprietary scoring model to assign an integrity risk score to each customer and scenario.

This makes it absolutely clear which customers impose the biggest risk on your bank or insurer while serving them, and commissions the appropriate risk remediation measures.  Adding all individual scores leads to an overall integrity risk view for your entire organization, or for each individual risk and scenario.

This score can be used as input for SIRA, IFRS, and as a benchmark for reducing your overall risk profile.

Know your customer (KYC/CDD)

Collect, verify, and validate all information about your clients, then easily generate and assign a risk rating.

AML & Sanctions Surveillance

Stay on top of regulations for AML/CFT and sanctions with integrated monitoring, detection, and alert handling.

Special Investigations

Use data-driven investigations and workflows to handle all compliance alerts, irregularities, and integrity risks.

Fraud & Risk Surveillance

Identify fraud and integrity risk scenarios more accurately — address them immediately.

Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Proof of Concept

Need to make a financial case for acquiring risk management software? 

With a proof of concept, we use your data to show you the savings potential and ROI of moving forward with an integrity risk management solution today.