● Partner Success

Protiviti and BusinessForensics

A partnership created through success, perseverance, and transparency.

Early Results of our Partnership

• Joint proposition towards Compliance-as-a-Service
• Fully developed PSD2 compliance solution
• Unambiguous scoring model for calculating client integrity risk
• Fully prepared end-users before go-live
• Satisfied and compliant customers

BusinessForensics + Protiviti

About the Partnership

In 2019 the global consulting firm Protiviti and the financial crime prevention solution provider BusinessForensics formed a partnership to offer a joint proposition on solutions for compliance and risk management. 

The combination of Protiviti’s expertise in compliance and risk management consulting, along with the expertise in digital risk analysis technology of BusinessForensics made this a partnership for success. 

BusinessForensics + Protiviti

Our First Joint Achievement: PSD2 Compliance

Protiviti and BusinessForensics worked together to incorporate PSD2 regulatory requirements into the ForensicCloud solution. 

As a result of possessing complementary differences in expertise, the two companies approached the project from different angles to create a well-rounded and complete picture. 

A continuous line of communication between the two companies, and their clients, was critical to ensure the project’s success. 

The result was the development of a solution for financial institutions – where policies, procedures, and controls could now be created, implemented, and embedded within a company’s operations, helping them become fully PSD2 compliant. 

Striving for Perfection

Through the means of sharing knowledge, and the drive to keep challenging one another, Protiviti and BusinessForensics keep up-to-date within the field of compliance and risk management.

Both companies share a predilection for pragmatic innovation - which enables them to remain one step ahead and serve their clients in the best way possible.

Emilia Clarke
"Banks, FinTechs, and insurance companies face enormous challenges. At BusinessForensics, we want to help organizations be in control of their data, and their challenges. Together with Protiviti, we can achieve the required level of control."
Lisa van Bussel
BusinessForensics, a cleversoft group company
Emilia Clarke
“This partnership created itself through success, perseverance, and transparency. Protiviti has long invested in knowledge of financial crime management for its clients and employees – the only link we were missing was the technology. With the BusinessForensics partnership, we have closed that gap, and our clients will be able to face the future with greater confidence.”
Owen Strijland, Director