Interview with Tames Rietdijk for IFFC

Tames Rietdijk became a participant of IFFC with his company, BusinessForensics. Besides this, he is the initiator of the “Trade Finance” chamber. Exclusive for the October 2016 newsletter, IFFC interviewd him about his work and his connection with the institution.

The IFFC offers an independent platform for public and private parties to meet, to connect theories to practical experience and to look at FEC-issues with a large social impact in an innovative way. As an international networking organisation, the IFFC facilitates public-private cooperation, international investigations and the sharing of knowledge.

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Tames Rietdijk

Tames Rietdijk is the CEO of BusinessForensics. His area of expertise lies with Product management, Forensic investigations and Data analytics. His work is focused on improving market mechanisms and operational efficiencies to increase value for his customers.