Interview with Robby Philips for goEmerchant


goEmerchant, a global player in the area of payment processing is interviewing a FinTech expert every month. This month it was the turn of Robby Philips from BusinessForensics, who was interviewed by Elena van de Sande. During the interview Robby answers questions on the transition from process-driven to (smart) data-driven due diligence from his experience, knowledge and position of Lead Consultant at BusinessForensics.
The covered subjects are:

  • The different areas in Due Diligence
  • Biometry as part of the Customer Identification Program (CIP)
  • Blockchain
  • The nomination of BusinessForensics for the European FinTech Awards 2016
  • Future trends in FinTech, Cyber Security and Risk Management industry?

You can read the full article here



Tames Rietdijk

Tames Rietdijk is the CEO of BusinessForensics. His area of expertise lies with Product management, Forensic investigations and Data analytics. His work is focused on improving market mechanisms and operational efficiencies to increase value for his customers.