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Interview: Being confident about your future when your organization is designed for control

BF interview

Afgelopen maand gaf Tames Rietdijk (BusinessForensics CEO) een interview aan Insightssuccess.

Het volledige artikel lees je hier of op de website van Insightssuccess.

In short:

Due to several incidents within the financial sector related to their integrity, people and society in general have lost their trust in banks and insurance firms. Most of the banks and insurance firms know this better than anybody else. Regulators and supervisors are almost furiously trying to restore this trust by imposing strict rules upon them that focus on preventing the previous incidents from happening again. Even though this might win them some battles, it will definitely not win them the war, as the issues they are struggling with are far more complex.

BusinessForensics aims to be the trusted partner of choice for banks and insurance companies aiming to rebuild trust. To us, partnership means cooperating to reduce all relevant compliance- and integrity risks to levels that are acceptable for banks and insurance firms, for their clients and for society as a whole. Our approach follows 7 standard steps:

  • An experienced team that understands and is passionate about (big) data analysis, machine learning and (cyber) security, bringing sustainable fintech innovation to your company,
  • We structure your data in such a way that you are prepared for every possible outcome, as it is impossible to predict what you will come across during your analyses.
  • We deliver a fine grained, adaptable configuration because every organization is unique and the system must resemble your specific situation as much as possible.
  • The results or our joint analysis must result in an increased awareness and understanding of what is happening here and now within your organization, with a focus on (integrity) risk.
  • This improved insight in the identified risks will allow you to decide how to best respond to them, in order to reduce potential damages as much and as soon as possible.
  • Our collaborative learning approach allows your organization to continuously improve its resilience and pro-actively reduce its risk profile through automated feedback loops,
  • As a result, your organization feels as if it is ‘Designed for Control’, having protected both the privacy of individuals and value of your assets.

In this complex financial world, BusinessForensics provides a coherent package of future-proof solutions to the major challenges facing all financial institutions in the coming decades:

  • Implementing new laws and regulations,
  • Becoming more responsive to new emerging risks,
  • The increasing volume, complexity and velocity of (new) data,
  • Embracing new technologies, being able to drive business innovation,
  • Preparing for the new competition: technology platforms, crypto currencies, fintech etc.

BusinessForensics provides a structured approach to reducing a bank or insurer’s risk profiles while reducing their cost of compliance, and at the same time improving their damage recovery rates.

Trust accelerates performance. Between banks and their clients, man and machine, old and young.


Tames Rietdijk

Tames Rietdijk is the CEO of BusinessForensics. His area of expertise lies with Product management, Forensic investigations and Data analytics. His work is focused on improving market mechanisms and operational efficiencies to increase value for his customers.