Complete forensic insights in compliance and integrity risk.


Our Five-Step Process

ForensicCloud is the only full suite platform that covers all compliance and integrity risks.


W7 Standard

We turn relevant data into correct information, providing useful knowledge and valuable insights.

To keep integrity risks manageable, we provide innovative solutions that answer the seven golden “W” questions:

✔︎ What happened?
✔︎ When did it happen?
✔︎ What value does it have?
✔︎ Where did it happen?
✔︎ Who is involved?
✔︎ With what did it happen?
✔︎ Why did it happen?

Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Proof of Concept

Need to make a financial case for acquiring risk management software? 

With a proof of concept, we use your data to show you the savings potential and ROI of moving forward with an integrity risk management solution today.