This solution includes the configuration of additional, extended due diligence processes, periodic account reviews and case management work flows for forensic investigations. These processes allow you to follow-up and investigate on any alert, irregularity or risk, either through a straight forward work flow or as a more flexible, data driven investigation. It includes connectivity with external sources, to be able to respond to request for information about and the commissioning of risk remediation measures.

Features and processes included are:

  • Standard, automated work flow processes for alerts and investigations
  • Data driven investigation features
  • Flexible, data agnostic, integration framework to include external sources
  • Visualization of complex risks and cases, through network diagrams and behavioral profiles
  • Compliance with the PIFI , GDPR and other regulatory requirements
  • Adapters for connectivity with official authorities and registries
  • Consistent case definition and results by applying the ‘W7 Standard’
  • Commissioning of risk remediation measures, including central governance of measures
  • Standard processes for handling information requests on suspects, cases and measures
  • Full forensic history, including cold cases, used as knowledge base
  • Full audit trail for accountability, proportionality and retention policies

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