This solution includes transactions surveillance and payments monitoring. It covers all the regulatory monitoring requirements in force under the relevant laws or regulations for AML, CFT and Sanctions. Monitoring scope may include all relevant events, facts and transactions. Machine learning can be applied to prioritize the generated risk signals. Robotics can be included to automatically process the objective AML alerts. Standard reports and interfaces on suspicious transactions and activities.

Features and processes included are:

  • A rules engine for monitoring transactions and generating signals
  • Integration of predefined business- and monitoring rules
  • Audit trail on rules maintenance, including contemplations and journal entries
  • Real-time adjustment of risk score, and application in monitoring scrutiny
  • Connectivity with 3rd party monitoring applications to integrate signals
  • Assessing signals unambiguously by applying the ‘W7 Standard’
  • Applying an alert shaping process to determine relevance and priority
  • Reduction of time wasted on ‘false positive’ signals
  • Link analysis with other investigation processes (KYC, Fraud, special investigations etc.)
  • A fast and standardized, automated process for handling ‘objective’ signals
  • Connectivity to FIU for electronic processing and reporting of ‘subjective’ alerts
  • An audit trail, from signal to case completion, based on the ‘W7 Standard’

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