ForensicCloud Solutions

Regulatory compliance

Know Your Customer

where you gather all (initial) information about your clients, and generate or assess a risk rating (to be) assigned to them
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AML/Sanctions surveillance

covers all the regulatory requirements in force under the relevant regulations for AML/CFT and Sanctions, incl. follow-up and measures
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Integrity risk management

Special Investigations

includes the case definition and processes to follow-up on any alert, irregularity or risk, either through a work flow or a data driven investigation
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Fraud/Integrity surveillance

covers all requirements for the purpose of identifying fraud & integrity risk scenario’s or ‘methods of operation’, including follow-up and measures
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Combining all solutions

Customer Risk intelligence

the ultimate solution, in which all are combined and risks are aggregated into a unambiguous risk score per customer using advanced scoring models.
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Added value of our solutions

  • Provide regulatory compliance and improve integrity
  • Increase effectiveness when handling breaches of compliance
  • Reduce the costs of compliance and integrity
  • Improve employee (‘user’) satisfaction
  • Safeguard your reputation
  • Minimise your operational risks
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Financial Crime Solutions

  • Multi-layered signal generation
  • Alert shaping and rating
  • Continuous learning loop
  • W7 Standard for data driven investigations
  • Network analysis and visualizations

Proof of value

Are you interested in the ForensicCloud Solutions but would you like to experience what our solution can do for your business? Then contact us for more information and a “proof of value”.

During the proof of value we can show what the added value and the features are of the ForensicCloud Solutions, what we can do with your data and what your savings will be, in a short timespan and with the use of your own data.


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