The product suite of BusinessForensics

The product suite, consisting of CRAFT, CORE and CASE enables discovery of financial economic crime risks at an early stage and to take measures accordingly. The big data processing platform provides real-time (big) data analyses of network transactions, forensic analyses, fraud management and machine learning. The unique force of the HQ solutions comes from the following characteristics:


  • Data agnostic and generic information model, suitable for all possible data sources
  • Integrated monitoring of both networks and events
  • Extremely adaptable to changing circumstances
  • Option to add business and situational context to indications and alerts
  • System learns automatically and continuously from the input by end users
  • End-to-end process support: from monitoring and detection to intervention and escalation


With the CRAFT module your organisation can monitor all data and transactions in real-time, detecting unknown risks at an early stage. With complex event processing multiple transaction lines are combined into one event. Machine learning ensures the self learning or training of algorithms.


The CORE module is the core of the application and contains all basic functionalities. Also, CORE has the management- and configuration environment where workflow, rules and models are configured. The module performs network analyses, produces statistics and investigates large heterogenic files.


CASE is a user-friendly web application that supports the full process of reporting, escalation and sanctioning using an entity driven workflow. This enables all the users to easily work with the HQ products. With eDiscovery the results of the investigation are connected and client data are enriched.


$ 99

Per Month
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Entity resolution
  • Machine learning
  • Change point detection
  • Complex event processing
  • Clustering
  • Decision trees

HQ COREMost Popular

$ 99

Per Month
  • Administrator functions
  • Workflow analysis and performance measurements
  • Continuous feedback and learning loop
  • Link- and network analysis
  • Behavioral profiling
  • Feature selection
  • Peer groups definition
  • Forensic investigations of large data sets
  • Regulatory compliance


$ 99

Per Month
  • Entity driven workflow management
  • e-Discovery
  • Reporting
  • Escalations
  • Sanctioning
  • Alert analysis and assessment
  • Case building and investigations
  • Netwerk analysis and visualization
  • Risk remediation measures

Proof of value

Are you interested in the HQ products but would you like to experience what our solution can do for your business? Then contact us for more information and a “proof of value”.

During the proof of value we can show what the added value and the features are of the HQ products, what we can do with your data and what your savings will be, in a short timespan and with the use of your own data.


Implementation Services

Every situation at every client requires a different set-up and configuration of the HQ products. The initial situation and the level of ambition can be different from clients, making the roadmap and implementation specific to the client. Our consultants provide relevant advice and guide the implementation in the following areas:

  • Data-governance and ETL processes
  • Configuration of the data model
  • Workflow management
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Monitoring and matching rules configuration
  • Establishing statistic models
  • Fine-tuning of parameters for configuration

During the implementation the key users and application managers are trained
We can also perform the (functional and technical) application management ourselves, where the application is fully outsourced to BusinessForensics.