Client case: National information centre

By 1 November 2016Client cases

A national information centre in general works with large amounts of heterogenic data, from internal as well as from external sources. This data is used and collected for the benefit of information supply as well as (proprietary) research. The processes to analyse this data take up a lot of time and the insight into specific risks was limited. The goal of the assignment was to obtain more insight into risks, amongst others by bundling of data and also to save time and costs on processes.

The goal was to get more insight into the connections and similarities between the different investigations and the different business lines, amongst others by remodelling the internal data and also to save time and costs on processes. At a later stage additional data sources could be connected. The large amounts of data from the history of fraud investigations have been integrated into the BusinessForensics data model in a different way resulting in a 360 degree insight into risk of the combined data. Eventually the solution will bring more efficient processing of information requests and better results in research, significantly improving the quality of service.

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