Client case: Global bank (tier 1)


Large, internationally operating banks mostly need a central, holistic insight into all FEC risks. BusinessForensics is used as the global, central solution of the FEC / MAC department (financial economic crime, market misuse and Conflicts of Interest), as part of a programme to increase the resilience against breaches in compliancy and integrity of the bank. This programme is aimed at the global centralisation (all regions, offices and subsidiaries, nationally and internationally) of all notifications and suspicions related to fraud, integrity, non-compliance of procedures and misuse, including cyber crime. The project also includes the replacement of several IT systems (Norkom, Syfact, Analyst notebook etc.)

Our application supports all primary and secondary processes with amongst others workflow, investigation, reporting, file handling and imposing sanctions. The BusinessForensics platform streamlines all these activities to remain in control and to have overview of all risks, serving multiple groups of end users from case employees at local sites to Cyber Crime & Fraud investigators for complex and global investigations.

All people / groups / departments / countries now work together in the same platform and because of a rigorous management of the user rights they can only view what is relevant to their work. They are still capable to work together on cases. Knowledge sharing and an better coordination of activities are the most important improvements.
The total numbers of users exceeds 650.

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