Tames Rietdijk

Tames Rietdijk (1966) started working for BusinessForensics in 2012 is the Chief Executive Officer . He started his career in 1987 at KPMG as accountant (division financial institutions) and has been working mostly for software companies since 1994 in different positions from Product Manager to CTO. Since 2005 Tames has been certified as Anti Money Laundering Specialist with ACAMS and he is a tutor in Business Data Science at the Radboud Management Academy.

In his vision on risk management Tames calls for a risk based approach instead of a more traditional rule based approach. Risk based supervision requires trend analyses with an aggregated overview instead of a snapshot of a specific event based on a specific feature. For risk management to be effective, more than just detection of risks is needed and that is the reason why the BusinessForensics platform offers a total solution in data mining, enriching data up until case management and sanctioning.

“Every measure in control or security will be breached at one point. Therefore it is necessary to monitor for prevention as well as detection. So the burglar or perpetrator can be identified as quickly as possible, without knowing who or what you are looking for. This way, unforeseen risks can be brought to attention at the right moment.”


  • Chief Executive Officer


  • Risk management
  • Finance
  • Financial crime prevention
  • IT Business
  • Consultancy


  • Certified Anti Money laundering Specialist, Anti-Money Laundering, CAMS
  • Accountancy, Dutch Institute for Certified Accountants