Robby Philips

Robby Philips (1976) is a Pre-sales & Partner manager at BusinessForensics. Robby was working as software specialist at IBM (WebSphere, DB2, AIX, MQ etc.) until 2006 and then he stepped into the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance. Because of the combination of IT and GRC business knowledge, Robby is capable of guiding prospects, partners and clients during the implementation of the BusinessForensics solution HQ. In doing so, he has specialised himself in clients from the financial industry such as banks and insurance companies during the past few years.
Robby knows how to translate the Risk management issues from the client into functionality of the HQ suite. Every implementation is the art of thinking ‘big’ and starting ‘small’, and then build it step by step. The ultimate goal is to work with the client successfully and to get them to actually use the solution and to realise the business case. The experience Robby has gained especially from large projects spread out over countries such as Canada and Russia have contributed to him being able to translate complex risk management issues to software requirements.

“Every company, large or small, must realise that the world is changing and that data becomes increasingly important. These data can be used to optimise business processes and to limit the risks.”


  • Pre-sales & partner manager


  • IT Business
  • GRC Business
  • Consultancy
  • Risk Management


  • Management and information technology, Open University