Peter Sitskoorn

Peter Sitskoorn [1975] is the Service Delivery manager and has been working for BusinessForensics since 2014. He started his career in the financial industry, where he was responsible for market analysis at a major international insurance company. Soon after, he made the switch to database marketing where he served customers in both national and global areas in various roles. He did this in various positions, including that of project manager, architect and analyst. In 2014, Peter switched to BusinessForensics to support one of the first customers with various challenges in data integration.

Peter is like no other capable of overcoming challenges in projects and realizing progress in projects. Through his open communication, structured work attitude and positive drive, he ensures that the wishes of customers are realized as expected. With the Service Delivery team, Peter has set himself the goal of raising customer satisfaction to a higher level and realizing customer requirements faster.

“Well done is better than well said (Benjamin Franklin). Our service is not based on beautiful words. We deliver what we promise and do not make promises we cannot deliver.”


  • Service Delivery manager


  • Service management
  • Project management
  • Problem solving
  • Software delivery
  • Consultancy


  • Financial Service Management, Amsterdam Academy