Lisa van Bussel

Lisa van Bussel (1991) has been working as a Lead Consultant at BusinessForensics since April 2018 and has been active as an Implementation Consultant for several years. In 2016 she graduated in Political History at the University of Leiden, after a previous study at the University of Amsterdam. In addition, she has followed various IT courses, including Lean, Scrum and SQL Server.

Because of her interest in political culture and group identity, she is very capable to support the change process that irrevocably initiates the implementation of new software, and to support it with great empathy. By staying close to the perception of the end users, she also knows how to make the less concrete wishes and expectations negotiable and translate them into concrete configuration requirements. The trust that she builds with it is only confirmed by her continuous focus on the end result.

“Our work is to connect laws and regulations, business and IT in a changing world with continuous interaction. This creates great challenges. The results are less risk for customers and more efficient work for end users.”


  • Lead consultant


  • Change management
  • Business process management
  • SQL scripting
  • Data governance


  • MA, Political History, University of Leiden