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The team at BusinessForensics consists of consultants, architects and developers with offices in The Hague and Singapore, and has been offering software and know-how for monitoring and managing compliance and integrity risks since 1998, amongst which are financial and economic crime risks. Preferred customers are banks and insurance firms that take pride in maintaining or (when necessary) rebuilding the trust of their clients, who do not view compliance as a burden but feel the inherent need to ‘do the right thing’. So as partners, we can keep crime, abuse and coincidence away from their clients.

The ForensicCloud platform provides real-time (big) data analysis of network, transactions and signal of evolving risks. Multiple detection mechanisms can be combined, like AI and machine learning.

These are presented to users in an accessible and understandable way, providing context and situational awareness. As a result, companies and institutions can discover these risks early and immediately take measures aimed at limiting possible damage as much as possible and optimizing chances for recovery.

Compliance is also demonstrated by measuring good behavior. Confidence in our system increases by minimizing the number of false positive alerts. In addition, unnecessary (reputational) damage is reduced and corporate agility is greatly improved. Trust improves performance; between man and machine, young and old, customer and supplier.

RegTech market leader in the Netherlands
Proven solutions for the fight against financial crime
Supporting top tier banks and insurance companies since 2010
Based in Netherlands (Europe) and Singapore (South-East Asia)


BusinessForensics was founded in 2010 and attracted attention quickly as a FinTech/RegTech start up because of the advanced Compliance & Integrity Risk Management solutions. The leadership team consists of Tames Rietdijk (CEO), Koen Juffermans (Business Development), Peter Sitskoorn (Service Delivery) and Ronald van Vlaanderen (Product Development).

They lead the various teams consisting of architects, developers and consultants who together further develop the BusinessForensics solutions and organization, servicing customers in a satisfactory way.

By now, more and more renowned customers from the financial industry use BusinessForensics solutions which is the reason why we are looking for top talent with a passion for smart software and fighting financial crime.

Tames Rietdijk

Chief Executive Officer

Koen Juffermans

Business Development Manager

Peter Sitskoorn

Service Delivery Manager

Ronald van Vlaanderen

Product Development manager

Robby Philips

Pre-Sales en Partner Manager

Linsey Noordeloos

Office Manager

Lisa van Bussel

Lead Consultant

Patrick Wesdorp

Implementation consultant

Ruben de Vries

Implementation consultant

Rutger van der Zanden

Implementation Consultant

Vision & Approach

Our name BusinessForensics comes from the ambition to help mainly banks & insurance companies to better protect themselves against financial economic crime risks by providing them inventive forensic software (ForensicCloud).

More than ever, banks and insurance companies are exposed to risks in integrity, fraud and crime. When this is not sufficiently addressed and not adequately acted upon, the consequences in terms of reputational damage, penalties from overseers and direct costs (reimbursements) are unforeseeable. Other sectors such as retail or energy have other risks that need to be combated.

In order to guide our customers in the best possible way we always choose a phased approach with our ForensicCloud solutions that are based on a template configuration (best practices).

The W7 Standard

Just imagine that the issues surrounding the introductin of GDPR, 1 single law for safeguarding the privacy of individuals, applies to all regulations intended to safeguard the compliance and integrity of an entire organization, all its employees and all its customers ….

That is the challenge that many of our customers struggle with, in organizations where the amount of data is becoming increasingly large and uncontrollable.

In order to keep manage integrity risks in these situations, BusinessForensics developed the W7 Standard: software that provides continuous answers to the 7 ‘golden’ W questions for each incident or special investigation:
– what happened?
– when did it happen?
– what value does it have?
– who is involved, and am I allowed to know that?

Now the 7 ‘W’ questions are not new. What is new is the automation of it. This way we achieve that this classic, proven way of working can now also be accommodated by the talented, young analysts who make use of the most modern technology. And this promotes cooperation between the various employees involved, at all levels!

The W7 Standard ensures that data that is relevant leads to information that is correct and knowledge that is usable. So that the existing experience within the organization can be applied to continuously improve it and become more resilient.

Seven simple questions, all the answers you need.


BusinessForensics has a close and enthusiastic team of consultants, architects and developers. Together they work on the ForensicCloud platform which is in use by renowned financial institutions in their battle against risks in integrity, fraud and crime. Since our foundation in 2010 we keep the FinTech start up mentality and we gain more ground as a challenger of established parties.

Do you want to grow with us and experience how cool it is to not only develop the best solution, but also to see that companies and institutions can get a better grip on fraud and compliance risks with BusinessForensics?

As a front-end developer you are largely deciding the user experience of the ForensicCloud Solutions. You design interfaces, develop the frontend, give advise on the best architecture and the technologies/frameworks that will be used.

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For several new projects we are looking for an experienced technical implementation consultant who can implement the standard software solution of BusinessForensics at new customers. We serve customers mainly in the financial industry (banks, insurance companies), retail and energy sector.

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