We don't help you in the fight against financial crime

We prevent you from having to fight

Together with banks & insurers, we prevent the fight against financial and economic crime

We do this with an innovative software solution in which all compliance & integrity risks are detected

Prevent reputational damage

Be 100% compliant

 Save time with flexibility

Innovation is in our DNA

The world is changing faster than ever. It offers endless opportunities. But it also offers new opportunities for financial crime. The amount of data is getting bigger and more unmanageable. Your financial institution must therefore be innovative to keep up. While regulations are always slowing down this process. The ability of your financial institution to change determines your future. We offer the solution for that future.

Relevant data, correct information and useful knowledge

To keep integrity risks manageable, we offer innovative solutions that continuously provides automated answers to the 7 “golden” W questions for each event or incident:

What happened?
When did it happen?
What value does it have?
Where did it happen?

Who is involved?
With what did it happen?
Why did it happen?

We provide your financial institution with relevant data, correct information and useful knowledge.

The ability to change defines your future

Together we have been preventing the fight against financial crime for 10 years already

And who can put that better into words than our satisfied customers:

“Proud of the application”

We are very proud of the application and also talk a lot about it, internally here, but also with colleagues from other banks. We also always say to colleagues from other banks: know that this is also a possibility if you are looking for another application.

Senior Fraud Officer/KYC & AML Specialist

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“Great partner”

BusinessForensics is a great partner to work with with great software.

Senior Fraude Coördinator

“They know exactly how it works”

BusinessForensics not only provides the software solution but they understand the business context much better than other software vendors. They know exactly how the fight against financial and economic crime risks works.

Manager Fraud Investigations

BusinessForensics is a leader in visualizing complex data

The power of visualization

The ForensicCloud platform provides real-time (big) data analysis of networks, transactions and risk signals. Multiple detection mechanisms can be combined, including AI and machine learning.

The results are presented in an easily accessible manner and with an understandable context. As a result, financial institutions can detect these risks early and take immediate actions, which are aimed at limiting possible damage as much as possible, and optimizing possible recovery options.

Read more about our unique visualization capabilities:

  RegTech market leader in the Netherlands

Proven solutions to prevent financial crime

Partner of reputable banks an insurers since 2010

Discover what we can do with your data

BusinessForensics is a trusted partner for every financial institution that is looking to prevent financial and economic crime.

Before the contract is signed, we find the ideal solution together

Step 1

Together we look for the solution to your problem

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Step 2

We can solve your problem. We prove it.

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Step 3

The proof is delivered. Time to make agreements

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Step 4

All agreements are clear. The contract is signed.

> Jointly ‘kick-off’ the project
> Start the implementation
> Prepare and train the users

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This is what we promise

Improve compliance and integrity
Reduce costs of compliance and integrity
Monitor or improve your reputation
Minimize your operational risks
Improve your recovery options

This is how we convert knowledge, experience and expertise into practical solutions

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Together with banks & insurers, we prevent the fight against financial and economic crime

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