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About BusinessForensics

The team at BusinessForensics consists of consultants, architects and developers with offices in The Hague and Singapore, and has been offering software and know-how for monitoring and managing compliance and integrity risks since 1998, amongst which are financial and economic crime risks.

The product suite BusinessForensics


The product suite, consisting of CRAFT, CORE and CASE enables the detection of financial economic crime risks at an early stage and to take measures immediately. The big data processing platform includes real-time (big) data analysis of network transactions, forensic analysis, fraud management and machine learning.


With the CRAFT module your organisation can monitor all data and transactions in real-time, detecting unknown risks at an early stage. With complex event processing multiple transaction lines are combined into one event. Machine learning ensures the self learning or training of algorithms.


The CORE module is the core of the application and contains all basic functionalities. Also, CORE has the management- and configuration environment where workflow, rules and models are configured. The module performs network analyses, produces statistics and investigates large heterogenic files.


CASE is a user-friendly web application that supports the full process of reporting, escalation and sanctioning using an entity driven workflow. This enables all the users to easily work with the HQ products. With eDiscovery the results of the investigation are connected and client data are enriched.



Our name BusinessForensics comes from the ambition to help organisations and companies (banks & insurance companies, retail, energy etc.) to better protect themselves against financial economic crime risks by providing them with inventive forensic software. Our solution supports the full fraud management process from detection (CRAFT), prioritising (CORE) to processing (CASE).

Finance Industry

BusinessForensics assists financial institutions (banks and insurance companies) to configure their risk management of compliance, fraud and integrity risks in a preventive way with the use of inventive software solutions.


BusinessForensics assists companies in the retail industry to configure their risk management of cybercrime and financial economic crime in a preventive way with the use of inventive software solutions.


BusinessForensics assists companies in the Energy industry to configure their risk management of financial economic crime in a preventive way with the use of inventive software, thus preventing financial and reputational damage.

BusinessForensics not only provides the software solution, but also understands the business context much better than other software suppliers. They know exactly how the fight against financial economic crime risks takes place.

Head of RegulationsRetail Bank

Our supervising authority was very pleased about the way we have improved our risk management processes using the solution by BusinessForensics. They have even asked us to introduce this to our colleagues in the industry.

Manager Global ComplianceRetail Bank

BusinessForensics has shown a scalable and user-friendly fraud management solution that we can use for years to come. Because of the open architecture external sources such as Google Maps, Chamber of Commerce, RDW, police registers etc. are easy to connect to.

Manager Special InvestigationsInsurance company

Client cases

nibc case new en

NIBC is more secure with automated transaction monitoring

| Client cases | No Comments
NIBC’s Department of Security Affairs was founded by Vinodh in 2005. It was an innovative solution to what then was a growing problem for the bank. NIBC was receiving an...
Knab en

A modern registration and monitoring system helps KNAB to serve clients better.

| Client cases | No Comments
"BusinessForensics is a pleasant vendor to work with and their software is great." Jorik Koper - Sr. Fraud Coordinator at KNAB In 2012 KNAB was founded as a label of Aegon...

Client case: Retail bank

| Client cases | No Comments

For a number of banks BusinessForensics has configured the routines for monitoring the prevention and detection of FEC risks, including risks in money laundering, fraud and financing terrorism. All monitoring…

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