Control at large:
the brave new world of integrity risk management

The business of finance is hugely underestimated

Running a financial institution can be lonely. At every turn, bankers, investors and insurers have to make complex and difficult decisions, predicting outcomes and avoiding risks that grow in significance every step of the way.

You also know that someday, somehow, despite all the precautions, a successful breach of your systems or processes will happen. Make the right calls, intervene effectively and the rewards are great. Make the wrong ones or fail to spot a flaw, and you can be all alone facing the repercussions.

All eyes on financial institutions

It’s no secret that the industry is in its lowest ebb of modern times – consumer confidence has never been so low, regulators have never been so vocal. The industry that helped prop up some of the biggest economies is now the scapegoat for a global downturn.

If in the past, shareholders were mostly concerned with systems that reduced costs and increased profitability, today, the focus is on auditable compliance, customer integrity risk and reputation.

There is a seeming conflict of interest: clients with the most potential for profit and business can often be the ones who pose the highest risks. Yet, with the advantage of retrospect and awareness, the industry now knows that the modern shift from profitability to financial compliance is shaped by a culture of sustainability.

A business that is more in control, that understands how its clientele affects their risks and reputation, that secures itself against fraud and abuse, and that is more transparent, is a business that is agile, more resilient, and ultimately, more profitable. This is the modern logic. And recent cases of decline in shareholder’s value with what previously seemed the ‘winners’ of the financial crisis have proven this logic to be true.

BusinessForensics – what we know

If all enterprises are only as successful or unsuccessful as their last venture, there is no such thing as the perfect strategy. What worked yesterday will almost certainly not work tomorrow.

For you, the fine margin between success and failure is defined by your grasp of the ‘here and now’. You accept that your information and data will always be incomplete and imperfect, but you know that you can only obtain the most accurate knowledge when all the data is transparent to you and controlled by you.

We know this as much as you do. This is why we have always designed our solutions around understanding your unique issues and how these will evolve, so you can identify (previously) unknown risks as they develop.

We understand that, at the end of the day, results matter to you. We add business context to these results, making them relevant to you and ensuring they meet your requirements. Our products adapt to the way you work, instead of interfering and run without programming knowledge, so you can take decisive actions simply and swiftly.

BusinessForensics HQ Product Suite – keeping up with the players

Whether it be malicious hackers, fraudsters or exploiters, financial or cyber crime is always ahead of the game in terms of technology. This is why your game needs to be on par. You need technology that learns, adjusts and improves itself as a system.

While most solutions focus on data sets that are either static identifiers or behavioral, ours combines both types of data to produce unique networks of relationships and their relevant behavioral patterns (and monitors changes in both networks and behavior in real-time). This powerful process presents you with a fingerprint of (individual) entities and the risks imposed by them.

Our HQ Product Suite discovers risks at an early stage, deriving information from unstructured data to produce structured insight – giving you the situational awareness you need to form your own analysis and take decisions that reflect the values and scope of your organisation. This is true actionable intelligence.

Beyond solutions

Our products aren’t just solutions. You see, solutions solve problems, seldom teaching the people who use them how and why those problems were solved.

But when people use our products, they see problems before they happen. And because they know best, they are the ones who figure out and implement the solutions (to their problems), with the help of our products. And because they do this, they learn.

Customers who use BusinessForensics save time spent on false leads, move quicker on identified risks, detect previously unidentified risks, intervene more effectively, and reclaim more losses from fraud.

Our products aren’t built to take away problems. They’re made to help you and your organisation prevent, detect and resolve these problems – all the time learning and using your own lessons for improvement continuously.


Tames Rietdijk

Tames Rietdijk is the CEO of BusinessForensics. His area of expertise lies with Product management, Forensic investigations and Data analytics. His work is focused on improving market mechanisms and operational efficiencies to increase value for his customers.