Koen Juffermans schließt sich Businessforensics als Business Development Manager

Koen Juffermans businessforensics

Starting September 1st, 2019, Koen Juffermans will join our team. Koen is an experienced risk, fraud, and investigations manager in the banking industry. His experience makes Koen the right person to translate new laws and regulations into product requirements. In his role as Business Development Manager, Koen will be in frequent contact with clients to identify their wishes and needs to make BusinessForensics products the perfect defense in the fight against financial crime.

“With Koen joining our team, we’re adding a wealth of experience from the daily practice of a user of our software to our team. Koen has demonstrated that our software can be successfully used in a dynamic financial institution. We want to be able to use that experience for our current and future customers.” – Tames Rietdijk, Managing Partner & CEO BusinessForensics



Tames Rietdijk

Tames Rietdijk ist der CEO von BusinessForensics. Seine Fachgebiete sind Produktmanagement, forensische Untersuchungen und Datenanalyse. Seine Arbeit konzentriert sich auf die Verbesserung von Marktmechanismen und betrieblicher Effizienz, um den Wert für seine Kunden zu steigern.