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Business & Decision and BusinessForensics

Since 2015 Business & Decision and BusinessForensics have been engaged in a strong and effective partnership.
Read here on how this partnership enables both companies to fight more effectively against financial economic crime through cooperation and sharing knowledge.
BusinessForensics + Business & Decision

About the Partnership

Business & Decision is a leading management consultancy agency and system integrator for Data Intelligence and Digital Experience. With their knowledge and expertise on the subject matter, they achieve synergy by seeking and partnering with top software vendors to deliver fitting, state of the art solutions. 

One domain expertise of Business & Decision is focused on Financial Risk Management. Their knowledge and expertise within this domain is a perfect match with BusinessForensics and their ForensicCloud platform. 

BusinessForensics + Business & Decision

What does this partnership enable?

Both parties strongly agree that their own knowledge, resources, expertise, and core competences strengthen each other and provides great synergy in helping companies in their battle against financial economic crime. 

With the ForensicCloud platform, Business & Decision is able to implement and combine new and existing processes and procedures in one central location. They are able to offer a scalable, both financially and technically, case management and forensic investigation management system – tailored for risk and compliance processes across different industries – which improve data management, business processes, roles and responsibilities, and facilitate automation. 

Financial Crime: Different Crime, Different Data

Sharing Knowledge

As both parties share the ambition regarding fighting financial crime, they have come together to make a webinar, where they shared their knowledge on how to make the best use out of your data – in your battle against financial economic crime.

Emilia Clarke
"At BusinessForensics a part of our mission is to ‘protect financial institutions against criminal activities by making better sense of their data. We have an amazing software solution to help us with that, but it is precisely for that data part where we gain a lot out of our partnership with Business & Decision. Their knowledge and expertise makes them the best in their field. Our partnership help us to fulfill our own mission of protecting those financial institution. It makes us proud to have Business & Decision as a partner!"
Robby Philips, Partner Manager
Emilia Clarke
“At Business & Decision we help organizations with Forensic Risk Management (FRM), as it is in our DNA to create value from Data. Within the FRM domain this entails managing compliance through, amongst other, Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence processes, transaction monitoring, etc. Since 2015 we have worked with BusinessForensics in this domain, and have implemented their solutions at many clients in the finance and insurance sector. Our experience and competences, together with the partnership with BusinessForensics, is a solid basis to help organizations comply with regulatory compliance and fraud prevention.”
Fahkrdin Harmak, Sales Manager
Business & Decision