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ACFCS Dutch Chapter

A knowledge-sharing community to prevent financial and economic crime.

Goal of the ACFCS

The main purpose of the ACFCS is to build a strong financial crime-fighting community through education, networking, and knowledge sharing. The Dutch Chapter of the ACFCS will bring that purpose to Europe.

BusinessForensics + ACFCS

About the ACFCS

The origins of the ACFCS are rooted in the belief that the future of financial crime prevention should embrace new and improved methods — for trainings and certifications — in order to stay ahead of today’s criminals. The reality is that anti-money laundering knowledge, alone, is no longer enough to prevent financial crime. 

The ACFCS embraced the need for training in financial crime prevention, with a broader focus. And so, ACFCS was born, along with its Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) certification. The CFCS covers an elaborate AML training program, in addition to other subjects, like fraud, corruption, tax evasion, terrorist financing, crypto crimes, investigations, asset recovery, cyber-crimes, sanctions, bribery, and compliance programs.

BusinessForensics + ACFCS

BusinessForensics and ACFCS - Dutch Chapter

At BusinessForensics, there is a passion to prevent financial crime. We are constantly looking for ways to help the industry, especially through the sharing of knowledge.  We have shared knowledge on topics from breaking down departmental silos, to adopting a more data-driven approach in financial crime investigations. 

A significant contributing factor to the passion our team possesses for financial crime prevention is our CEO, Tames Rietdijk.  Every day, Tames displays passion.  Tames’ display of passion ensures we won’t forget the importance of factors like sustainability in the financial industry, and focusing on improving the levels of control through responsiveness and resilience. 

Tames will fulfill the role of Membership Director for the Dutch Chapter of the ACFCS. 

With our new relationship as part of the ACFCS Dutch Chapter, the number of BusinessForensics employees who, proudly, hold a Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS) title, is sure to increase!

ACFCS Dutch Chapter | The Board

Ruth Post, Owen Strijland, Adriaan Kom, Lotte van Meerten, and Perry Huijgen – together — with our own CEO, Tames Rietdijk, brought the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS) to the Netherlands to strengthen the financial and economic crime fighting community in Europe.

The six founding members of the Dutch chapter brought this American method of training and knowledge-sharing to the Netherlands, with the goal of strengthening the prevention of financial and economic crime throughout Europe.

Emilia Clarke
"We are very proud of this milestone, just over six months after the idea was born. The network is open to all professionals working in the field of financial economic crime."
Owen Strijland
Director at Protiviti | ACFCS Dutch Chapter Co-Chair
"The rapid emergence of financial crime that will take place in the near future means that we must be vigilant about vulnerabilities, while having to deal with a heavily changing environment. We therefore see a growing need to step out of the silos of organisations or disciplines and to cooperate in the fight against financial economic crime."
Ruth Post
Director, Privacy & Compliance at LeasePlan Corporation | Chair, ACFCS Dutch Chapter